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Purchasing Property

For some people purchasing a property can be a very stressful endeavour.  You find a property that you are interested in and then approach the selling agent.  Some selling agents can be very pushy and will make promises to you without contacting the Vendor in order to win the sale or force you to sign a Contract in a hurry.  In this regard we suggest you engage our services prior to making an offer to purchase a property as once you have signed the Contract, the conditions in the Contract are binding upon you.  We can liaise with you regarding the conditions to determine whether you are satisfied and whether you wish to include some of your own conditions.  Some of your own conditions may be: A finance clause.  If you need to borrow funds in order to complete the purchase, it is critical that a finance clause is inserted into the Contract.  We recommend a date that is not less than 2 weeks from the day you sign the Contract.  If you are purchasing at auction, you must ensure that your finance has been approved beforehand. Subject to a pest inspection.  Termites are hard to find. Subject to a building inspection.  You need to ascertain that there are no major structural defects. That the electrical and gas appliances are in full working order as at settlement date.  Make sure that all the appliances are working.  Turn on the stove, check the hot water service for leaks.  Check that the fixtures and fittings are in good shape.  It is a good idea to take photos.

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