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Government Fees

Stamp Duty All property attracts stamp duty (unless a transfer from a husband to a wife etc. which attracts no payment) so when negotiating a purchase price, please take into account that you will have to pay stamp duty.  Stamp duty is based on the purchase price or value of the property and MUST BE PAID AT SETTLEMENT (click here for State Revenue Office (SRO) Stamp Duty Calculator). Stamp Duty Benefits The Victorian Government offers assistance to: First Home Buyers; First Home Buyers with Families; and Pensioners and Holders of Health Benefits Cards or Health Care Cards. If you are entitled to any of these benefits, please let us know. Registration Fees As well as paying stamp duty, to have the title registered in your name, you will also need to pay a registration fee.  The cost of this fee is based on the purchase or sale price of the property and MUST BE PAID AT SETTLEMENT.  If there is no consideration price, (e.g. transferring from husband to wife by natural love and affection or as a gift), you will only pay the minimum registration fee required.

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